Make your wish come true

Just imagine, if your desire is too huge and you cannot push it somewhere in subconsciousness, it will slowly start getting more and more unbearable.

We can have wishes and desires, that are connected to a common needs. We might want to have bigger flat, better car, or we just wish to have a full fridge and clean apartment. These are all the things we can make by ourselves, or we can aim to have these done.

But there are things, that we do not even want to share with someone, and we do not know how to talk about them. Especially sexual needs are not easy to be satisfied if they vary from “regular sexual needs”. But think about this that way, that sometimes your partner might have the same block to talk about things like this too. You can just create a relaxing atmosphere, support it with a little bit of alcohol. We do not want to get other person too drunk to say something, what they don´t mean or what they will not remember the next day. Come up with the topic carefully, try to not to scare the person out. Also remember the golden rule “one step at the time”. If your partner agrees on one change, that doesn´t mean you come up with bunch of changes, that will completely change your sexual life. On the other hand, if you feel that your partner is on the same wave, just talk about it.


There are two things, this situation might turn into:

  1. Your partner agrees and you decide to spice things up a little
  2. Your partner does not feel the same way, and you decide to not push them into anything.


We obviously want the situation to go the first way, but what If it just simply does not happen? We don´t want to cheat on our partners, but we still have that needs. We can simply use massage services by matahari salon. Whether you are thinking of erotic massage, or bdsm prague and much more, you will find your answers there.